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Our academic vigor offers excellence across disciplines and in the industry. We are recognized as a leader in mining education due to the outstanding quality of our academic division. The depth and breadth in fields of study at the college can be dizzying, but you will have lots of room to challenge yourself as a scholar, leader and miner. Our exceptional staff at our  departments are willing to help you succeed, you’ll do more than read about opportunities and change, you’ll be the catalyst making positive impact in the mining industry. Explore our many diploma courses, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue your own path of learning.

It begins here, choose your course, choose your career.

Important Information

  • Zimbabwe School of Mines is offering these courses  as Conventional and Blended Courses.  The Blended courses are taught both face to face and online. To enroll you need to have 3 years working experience and be working at a mine.
  • Conventional Courses follow the usual entry requirements as stated on the course attributes and are taught face to face.