Strategic Partnerships


As we mentioned, ZImbabwe School of Mines strives to be the best student-centered, transformative learning community in the mining industry , where students realise their promise, advance their knowledge – We serve the SADC mining industry and beyond.  Students from all SADC countries are accepted together with any other international students. We believe in sharing knowledge and experiences with other educational and mining institutions in the world. Information exchanges and partnerships are promoted as follows: –


First external examiner (Dr.SixtusMulenga) was from Zambia.
Two SADC representatives in the ZSM Board came from the Faculty of Mining at the University of Zambia (Dr. Jere and Professor Krishna.)
ZCCM & the Copper Belt University facilitated a ZSM Executive exposure trip to the Copper Belt Mines in Zambia.
The School has started selling modules for the Mine Managers Certificate of Competency to Zambia.


Exchange protocol in with Mozambique School of Mines in Moatize, Tete.
ZSM trained 3 ex-graduates of MSM.Linkages exist with the Geology department and the National Geological Museum in Mozambique.


Linkages with the Ministry of Mines in Malawi and department of Geology in Blantyre.Trained Government Mining Inspectors for the Malawi Ministry of Mines.Since 1994 trained 5 students from Malawi.Attended an International Mining Exhibition in Malawi.


The School has a lot of contacts with various individual mines in Botswana and has also conducted in-house training at mines in Botswana.
We have trained students from Orapa, Tati, Debtswana and BCL Ltd. over the years, ZSM has trained more than 20 students from Botswana.
ZSM participated in 2 international exhibitions in Botswana.


The School’s Mine Engineer’s Study material was bought from South Africa as a royalty from Veasyes College. The school has had an exchange of intellectual information with Wits University and Pretoria Technical College.
The new initiative for upgrading NC student from RSA through Sekhukhune College.


The Northern College in Canada started a partnership protocol with Chile to start a School of Mines similar to Zimbabwe School of Mines. The agreement is that ZSM will be called upon to provide consultant services at the Chile School of Mines.


New Initiative: Algeria is starting El Abed School of Mining.  A Memorandum of Understanding is being drafted, where ZSM will assist in setting up the school and exchange of intellectual material.



Trained many miners from Tanzania to date.
The School is in touch with the Chamber of Mines of Tanzania.
ZSM has provided information to the Chamber to send people to come and study at ZSM.
Mineral Resource Institute of Tanzania


New initiative: The school has contacts with the Ministry of Mines in Namibia and the Namibian Embassy in the country who are helping in recruiting students for the School.
The School is currently training 42 students in various disciplines in first and second years.


New initiative: The school has contacts with the Ministry of Mines in Angola and the Angolan Embassy in the country, who are helping in recruiting students for the School.

Other partnerships developed are as follows: –

Northern College – Canada
Cambrian College – Canada
Other School of Mines in UK & Australia
Regional & International Universities

Internal Relationships & Networks

Internally ZSM has cordial and relationships and linkages with:

  • MM&MD and all its Parastatals and Departments
  • Chamber of Mines & All Professional Associations affiliated to it
  • Zimbabwe Miners Federation
  • Women Miners Association
  • Meteorological Department
  • Youth in Mining
  • University of Zimbabwe, NUST, Lupane State University & IMR.

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