Religious & Spiritual Life

Faith & Service

Our character informs all it does.

We have led the pack in becoming the preeminent training institute, to offer  unsurpassed mining courses, and to infuse both with a religious and moral framework that fuses knowledge with the power to benefit human beings and the mining industry.

Our Religious, intellectual and moral traditions provide the underlying foundation for our aspirations as a community of scholars and administrators and they shape the spirit with which we engage each other and the society. They  also  distinguish us from the academies of many other fine colleges in the country.

Zimbabwe School of Mines believes commitments to faith and service are both compatible and complementary and mutually beneficial. In this way, our character informs all it does. We pursue discoveries  and academic excellence both because of the scholarly and scientific achievements they represent, and because of the potential these breakthroughs have for a mining industry deeply in need. Our calling as a community rooted in faith compels us to serve one another while excelling in academics. We pursue both with equal rigor.

Faith & Service

A Prayer During the Pandemic

Our nature as Zimbabwe School of Mines gives us cause to embody two important characteristics: a spirit of inclusion and welcoming of people from all religions, and an earnest desire to serve the local community and beyond. Our diversity as a campus community is an essential precursor to mutual learning and understanding, and service provides needed perspective and significance to all facets of life and helps cultivate a spirit of connection to each other. This is  important in contributing to a holistic educational experience, that is why our students always meet everyday to worship. Join our Scripture Union community, don’t lose your faith.