National Diploma in Mine

Ventilation & Environmental Engineering


This intensive course is designed to provide comprehensive training on mine ventilation operation, planning and design as an integral part of mine production. Rising energy costs, the depths at which mines are operating and the requirements to maintain safe working environments, make the need to fully understand this crucial discipline of engineering of great importance. Emphasis is also placed on operational aspects such as controlling complex mine ventilation networks and planning ventilation requirements to manage both safety and business related risks. Recognizing the importance of mine ventilation to the industry, our mining department runs this course to provide students with sound design principles with which to evaluate mines and design mine ventilation and cooling systems from the early pre-feasibility stages of the mining projects right through to the commissioning point of the project.


This course meets the education requirements of the HEXCO National Diploma for certification for Metallurgical Assay. a national Diploma certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course.


After completing the course  students should be able to:

  • Describe and apply the principles of fluid flow to ventilation systems
  • Describe and apply fan behaviour laws to ventilation systems
  • Design and develop a ventilation system for a mine
  • Describe environmental hazards found in mines and outline the ventilation control measures that detect, monitor, minimise and/or manage these hazards
  • Demonstrate awareness of the legislative requirements that may apply to the provision of ventilation in a mine



  • Mine Ventilation Officer
  • Ventilation Engineer

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Total Course Duration: 3080hrs

Entry Requirements: 5 O-Levels including English Language, Mathematics and a Science Subject

Course Level: National Diploma