Mineral Resource Valuation


The aim of the course is to equip the non-mining trained professional with skills of managing mineral resources and to appreciate and understand the mining business. Those who want to acquire technical understanding and appreciation of all the main stages in mining i.e. from exploration, geology, survey, mining, mineral processing and the general mining business economics. Appreciation of costs involved in the mining process and to provide ‘hand on’ approach to solving mining challenges.


At the conclusion of this course, students will receive a Zimbabwe School of Mines certificate as testimony of their hard work and acquired skills gained during their learning experience.


At the conclusion of this course, students should have comprehensive knowledge and skills on:

  • Resource and Reserve Classification
  • Mining Methods
  • Mine Project Planning and Control
  • Mineral Processing
  • Mine Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence
  • Legal Issues in Mineral Resource Valuation
  • Mine Valuation

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Total Course Duration: 4 weeks

Target Audience: Non-mining Professionals.

Course Level: Certificate