Zimbabwe School of Mines senior leaders guide the school’s work toward a set of ambitious goals to reach new levels of academic excellence through teamwork, hard work and accountability in order to provide an innovative education in service to the community, nation and beyond.

The Principal: Edwin Gwaze

Edwin Gwaze became ZSM’s 4th principal in 2021. In January 2021, the Zimbabwe School of Mines Executive Board appointed him to a five-year term as Principal. As chief executive officer, Principal Edwin Gwaze reports to the Board, oversees all divisions of the ZSM administration, and is chief ambassador for the School. Nationally recognized as a leader in higher education and an accomplished scholar, a Metallurgist, he is the perfect guide in our endeavour for academic excellence. 


Management Team

The Management Team includes the Training & Operations Manager, the Registrar, Corporate Affairs Executive, the Finance & Administration Manager, Heads of Departments, and other senior leaders of the School.

ZSM Board

The ZSM Board is the primary governing body, with its authority set forth in the charter of the School granted by the Government of Zimbabwe. It consists of a 17-member Board of Management, meets in person three times per year, and makes policy decisions in areas including academic affairs, advancement, budget and finance, and campus life.