Accommodation & Dining

Welcome Home.

Surroundings play a vital part in your growth — as a student, citizen, and human being. We pride ourselves on making Zimbabwe School of Mines a safe, comfortable living space for you. This strong community and  environment is designed so that every step of the academic journey, you can feel confident and empowered to explore who you are. This campus will be your new home. That’s why we work to make it a place where you’re comfortable. Where you can connect with others,  a place you can’t wait to come back to. We’re here to make you feel at home.

At ZSM, we not only embrace all, we embrace you for who you are. You will find a  culture of inclusivity and respect as the perfect setting to settle in, grow immensely, and go forth from. ZSM’s diverse community and its place “in and of” the country create a wealth of opportunities for you to learn, grow and pursue your interests. ZSM’s Residential Life activities can help you to feel at home and build a fulfilling campus experience.

It takes a lot to call a new place home. We’re proud that many ZSM Students see this campus as so.

zsm student moving in

A Move-in Like No Other

Students start arriving on campus to move into the Hostel during an extended eight-day period running into the start of the new academic year.

zsm headgear

Around Campus 

There are many houses in the neighboring Killarney suburb but the distinct feature is Old Nic Mine situated right in front of the school.

Hostel Staff

Campus workers deliver a ‘team effort’

Our staff at ZSM Housing  are dedicated to providing you with safe and comfortable accommodation and a friendly face whenever you have questions or concerns.

Living on campus is an indispensable piece of the ZSM training  experience—nearly all our ZSM campus-based students live in the hostel during their first year, and some . Our students can choose between:

  • Traditional residence halls at the hostel, which contains mainly singles (that’s one student per room), and shared bathrooms
  • One of Plenty of houses for rent within walking distance of all four of our campus. 

Campus Dining

Great food. Great service. Great people.

Dining at ZSM

Our dining hall isn’t just a place where students to go to grab food. Its where they connect with friends, unwind, experience other cultures through food and language, and extend their ZSM family.

The Dining hall is located inside the school premises and features its own catering team that creates healthy, sustainable menus for every taste and preference.

ZSM Dining

Grazers. Foodies. Early risers and late-night snackers. We’ve got something for everyone.

Your individual meal  options are all catered for at the Dining Hall. We want to make sure you’re getting enough to eat and have access to what you need to be healthy, happy, and focused.  You’ll discover as much depth and variety on the menu as in the intellectual conversations around our tables. We’re proud to have a  dining selection that accommodates a wide variety of dietary needs, keeps our community satisfied, and takes inspiration from culinary practices all over the world.

Stop in and see for yourself why ZSM dining redefines college cuisine.


Breakfast : 7 – 8 am

Lunch : 12 – 2 pm

Supper : 5:30 – 6: 30 pm

Tuck Shop

Open: 7 am – 6:30 pm

Get your drinks and snacks on the go at the tuck shop.

Housing Enquiries

Contact Numbers: 0292 290596-8 / 0292 291247