Health & Wellness

At Zimbabwe School of Mines, there’s more to our living-learning community than classrooms and labs. Our students learn and grow as individuals in residence ,on athletic fields and courts, and by immersing themselves in the local community and beyond. We work hard to make sure those experiences remain as safe, healthy and productive as possible.

Lay a solid foundation for your intellectual growth.

Our Students love to dive deep into their training and lose themselves in discovery.  But to push yourself academically, you’ll need to make time to refuel, recharge, and refresh. And just like with your studies, you’re in charge of what that looks like for you. Are you interested in joining a sports team? Morning prayers? Sports after class? Take advantage of our campus resources, and take care of you.

Get Healthy. Stay Healthy.

The Recreation & Athletics at ZSM

Tricky equations, projects, leadership duties. They can pile up and drain you. Thankfully, there are  recreational and athletic activities in place to set aside your studies and clear your mind. Whether it’s snooker or volleyball, football, chess, you’ll find whatever you need to work it all out. Get yourself moving

We are here for you, both body and mind.

Our Student Health and Wellness club offers many services to support your personal and academic success at ZSM. Our experienced staff mentor and  work to give you the structured care that’s best for your specific needs, right here on campus. 

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

In order to stay focused in your studies, you also have to feed yourself the right foods. The staff at the Dining hall provide a variety of fresh, healthy eating options.


We value your health and well-being.