First AID

Saving Lives

The ZSM First Aid training program is designed to teach our students how to provide emergency care for someone in need; this may be at home, the workplace, at a mine, or in a public place. The training is designed to make the learning process enjoyable and simple through a non-stressful environment in which students may practice and apply emergency lifesaving skills. We are dedicated to providing students with a complete and ongoing solution to meeting  First Aid training compliance standards. Our  approach to  First Aid training will improve skill retention and increase the rescuer’s ability to respond when faced with a medical emergency. Through the  Red Cross First Aid course material, our training program will deliver essential lifesaving skills that prepare students to save the lives of the public as well as their family members, friends, co-workers and neighbours.  Competitions amangst first aid teams are done every year at various levels and nationwide to keep first aiders on their toes and to keep them ready always.


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