Gemology is the art of finding, grading, evaluating and processing gemstones is developing rapidly. The study of the precious metals and gems has emerged as the trending career and line of study. Gemology has come into the limelight with the steep increase of gems across the world. It involves the study of gems that have emerged as a new line of research.  Gemology englobes knowledge about the way these materials develop in the depths of the earth and changes in the constitution of different gems and stones. It also constitutes colouring, occurrence and identification of the stones. Students get to learn about both modern and technical techniques in ornamental designing or making.


Upon completion of this course successful students will be awarded with a Diploma in Gemology for certification



Employability and key transferable skills are embedded within the course ethos to maximise our students’ capabilities and understanding of potential career opportunities. Each module is designed to incorporate both generic and industry-specific skillsets to give students maximum flexibility in their chosen career path.

  • Jeweler.
  • Gemstone auctioneer.
  • Laboratory gemologist.
  • Bulk gem buyer.
  • Jewelry designer and maker.
  • Gem appraiser.

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Course Atributes

Total Course Duration: 3 Years

Mode of Study: Fulltime

Target Audience: Gemolists

Course Level: Certificate