Digital Transformation

ZSM Academic Distinction

Academic excellence is our bedrock at ZSM. All we are, everything we do and achieve, stands on our world-class academics, we have bold aspirations.

Sustained Development

ZSM continues to expand its business-focused presence in the bustling city of Mutare with the establishment of the Geomology Training Centre to work with other precious minirals.

Operational Excellence

Dedicated to aligning our core business processes, focusing on customer service, empowering employees, implementing technology for streamlined processes.

The “Digital Transformation of Zimbabwe School of Mines,” is built on five foundational pillars that aim to establish ZSM as a digitally-enabled, 21st-century higher education institution. By transforming both customer and student experiences, building effective partnerships, smart technologies, and reinvigorating our infrastructure, we will have the tools we need to develop sustainable, data-driven, digital strategies with our campus partners.

Client Experience

Providing the best-in-class digital and online experiences for our community.

We gather, analyze as well as evaluate the use of Zimbabwe School of Mines systems, applications, and screens to improve processes and usability in lesson delivery.  We will create for our students a culture of enquiry and an experience that nurtures strong relationships  with our customers earning loyalty through positive moments of service interaction

Partnerships- Connecting

We nurture sustainable partnerships and a digital ecosystem that gives ZSM new strategic capabilities, we will build frameworks and processes that will propel and adapt to the changing digital environment of higher education.

Smart Technologies

Employing responsive and smart technologies to create valuable and enriching interactions and connections.

Providing customized information and up to date  information to increase campus engagement, enhance student success, and promote the strategic priorities of the school..

Core I.T.

Providing flexible, agile, resilient, and secure IT infrastructure.

For the backbone of our IT enterprise we provide flexible, scalable, and reliable core services. We work with our colleagues and partners to create an infrastructure environment that leverages state of the art technologies regardless of where or how they are sourced.