Arts & Culture

Dynamic. Provocative. Life-Changing.

Providing places for others to uncover their own talent. Stepping into the spotlight, into the stage, and perfecting your practice, all in an effort to step out of your comfort zone and losing yourself in the experience and finding more of yourself on the other side. At ZSM, we see the arts as the expression of humanity. And because the arts are for everyone, we welcome every method and medium, every level of expertise, and every conversation and interpretation — including yours.

Zimbabwe School of Mines

Arts & Culture

Creativity, expression and artistic exploration thrive within our campus, with the bright and exhilarating pulse of the City of Kings coursing through it.

Discover an enlightening world of talent and different cultures in our thriving community. Our campus is a hub for artistic expression in every medium, from music to dance performances.

The exciting environment here will bring fresh experiences that will spark conversations, enrich your education and inspire you to explore new directions.