Advanced Certificate in

Mine Machinery


Mechanisation is a feature of almost all Zimbabwean mining operations, although the degree of mechanization may differ from mine to mine. Whether considering established mechanised soft rock operations, or hard-rock operations where new technology is being introduced, the understanding and effective management of mechanised mining systems is essential to realising the improved safety and productivity that modern equipment promises. This course looks at the fundamentals of mechanised mine design, the planning and management of mechanised operations, organisational issues and advanced mining technologies. The courses run 10 days with practical training in mines over 4 of the 10 days.


At the conclusion of this course, students will receive a Zimbabwe School of Mines certificate as testimony of their hard work and acquired skills gained during their learning experience.


At the conclusion of this course, students will have covered he following modules:

  • Introduction to Winders for Underground Operations
  • Introduction to Drilling Engineering
  • Introduction Material Handling Systems
  • Introduction to Fan and Pump Engineering
  • Introduction to Electrical Machines
  • Introduction to Maintenance Engineering

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Total Course Duration: 10 Days

Target Audience: Engineers, mining professionals.

Course Level: Certificate