Knowledge in Service of the Mining Industry.

Our students create and apply knowledge by thinking and doing, preparing for leadership in a rapidly changing mining industry.

Zimbabwe School of Mines is a leading mining college that offers diploma, professional, and higher national diploma students a chance to pursue their academic endeavors in a unique scholarly community. Enriched by mining intellectual and cultural traditions, it is a place that throughout its history has sought to bring knowledge into service of justice while serving the SADC mining industry. This is a lofty ideal, but for generations the challenge and the opportunity of a Zimbabwe School of Mines education has attracted bold minds from all walks of life to come here and engage in rigorous training. Today students at the school pursue their education in the varied courses, offered by our four academic departments. They engage in some of the highest-rated programs in the country, and they learn in advanced and dynamic facilities, such as the auditorium, and in the field through our field trips.Professional course candidates in our Distance Learning Center find academic rigor, liberating discoveries in classrooms and field trips, and skilled mentoring by accomplished practitioners.As a graduate student at Zimbabwe School of Mines, you will be mentored in a community of scholars that work at the highest level and engage in many collaborative projects across disciplines.


Join us at Zimbabwe School of Mines.We are  a vibrant community that seeks to enroll students of all backgrounds and interests.


Explore the academic units that make up the division.


Explore the courses we offer, we will help lead you to a great career in the industry.

Study Online

DLC administers a wide range of short courses.These are offered in the form of public courses as well as customised courses designed to meet the specific needs of society, industry, commerce and government both locally and internationally.

Practical Learning

Getting an education at ZSM goes beyond the classroom. See how our students are learning in the field.

A distinctive and empowering education

Our students and scholars challenge themselves and each other in the rigors of the mining field. Our unique education transforms individuals, preparing and empowering them to make a positive impact on the mining world.



The Zimbabwe School of Mines Library houses many books, along with extensive digital resources. The Zimbabwe School of Mines Library houses many books, along with extensive digital resources.

Academic Experience

Helping you define your own path for discovery.

An Industry Geared Curriculum

Her you will gather information, collaborate with thinkers of every kind. You’ll deconstruct materials, ideas and reconstruct methods. You’ll also sharpen your skills for great mining career.

Go Beyond the Classroom

At ZSM, the classroom is just one of many stops on your educational journey. In our field trips, you’ll  discover new interests and formulate new questions you want to explore further.

Creativity and innovation.

We know that to bring new ideas to the table and then out into the industry, you have to question what’s been done before. Here, we push you to venture into unknown territory in you learning process.


The Office of the Registrar directly supports recruitment, teaching, and learning.

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