Academic Distinction

Operational Excellence

Transforming administrative processes, systems, infrastructure across the School to spend more time on value-added activities. We are stewards of the school's facilities.

Sustained Development

ZSM continues to expand its business-focused presence in the bustling city of Mutare with the establishment of the Geomology Training Centre to work with other precious minirals.

Digital Transformation

Harnessing and deploying the latest technology to improve our processes, our student learning outcomes, our teaching environment, and our campus becoming more efficient.

Delivering teaching and research of the highest standard. Our training activities and graduates will continue to have a global significance and meaningful impact. Our academic experience transforms lives, developing skills, raising ambitions and prepares future leaders in the mining and related industries.

Excellence in our training underpinned by leading research is the bedrock upon which every quality academic institute is built. ZSM  has an outstanding reputation for hands on training, developing knowledgeable and skilled practitioners who consistently reach their goals and transform our mines, economy and society. This reputation, based on a rich historic legacy, is one that  we aim to continually grow and enhance.

We have always been a leader and innovator in education; preparing our students to take a leading role in the mining field and civil  society, providing an engaging, caring and supportive learning environment. Our educational experience promotes inter-disciplinary thinking and innovative solutions to mining issues.

Academic excellence permeates every aspect of our efforts. We have individual academic departments that are recognised as the number one in their discipline for teaching or research, we have graduates that have won many awards in their respective disciplines. In short, academic excellence is the cornerstone of Zimbabwe School of Mines.

We will continue to stretch ourselves by setting ambitious academic goals. We will confirm our position as one of the leading mining academic institutions as gauged by our teaching excellence and student satisfaction.

This ambition will only be achieved by ensuring a deep link between our academic priorities and our teaching mission; addressing issues of global relevance albeit with meaningful local impact on the mining, social, economic and cultural life of Zimbabwe. 

To deliver on these challenging ambitions, we have to consider the broader experience that will be unique for each staff member and student; from campus life through to student placements and academic exposure through to employability. These goals will only be achieved through genuine partnerships with our staff, students, SRC, employers, government, and community stakeholders.

Being an ambitious institution, ZSM is committed to developing Zimbabwe’s relevance in an increasingly global society. Where meaningful and appropriate, we strive to be aligned to the Government’s drive in the mining fraternity. Understanding the direction and priorities of the Government ensures that we are sensitive to local issues, as an institution playing our part while preparing our students to be future leaders and good citizens.


Success and student engagement and are vital. The student experience will be enhanced through the provision of well-designed, flexible, inclusive, relevant practical activities and curricula. Excellence in training and academic delivery at ZSM will provide students with a high-quality, deeply challenging and rewarding learning experience that equips them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to:
  • demonstrate critical academic enquiry
  • advancement in their chosen career or entrepreneurial ventures
  • adapt to change
  • become responsible citizens that  make meaningful contributions to the mining industry, communities and wider society.


Training Excellence

Student Experience

  • Define the exceptionally unique attributes of a ZSM graduate and of our curriculum, in order to prepare graduates who will be engaged contributors to the mining industry and society.
  • Develop and deliver innovative curricula using contemporary methods of pedagogy that foster diversity, differentiation, and increased opportunities for access.
  • Embrace the great opportunities presented through emerging technologies to facilitate and complement our training and learning practices.
  • Support and develop our staff to deliver excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Foster a vibrant, diverse student community that takes pride in ZSM and has a deep sense of belonging and identity.
  • Create an environment that facilitates creative, independent learning and inquiry, practical and economically-important skills, knowledge and intellectual capital.
  • Provide a shared vision and understanding for all staff and students that view students as partners in our academic provision.
  • Provide a campus  that stimulates and encourages an engaged student and staff community.