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The Academic Division supports the work of the Academic Committee, which is responsible for the school's educational and research strategies and controls the resources necessary for the maintenance of the highest academic standards at Zimbabwe School of Mines.The Division is responsible for managing various aspects of the school's academic administration, including a wide range of operational matters, as well as supporting the development of policy and strategy.

The work of the staff in the Division spans across a range of areas including admissions, examinations, educational policy and quality assurance, international student matters, planning and resource allocation, research administration and Schooln and Departmental administration.The general mandate is to produce a highly versatile and technologically compliant hands on graduate who meets international standards.

The Mining, Mine Geology, Mine Survey, Metallurgy departments as well as the Library fall under the Academic Division and they all offer other services which include consultancy and support services, staff development and distance learning.

Never Stop Learning
Graduation is not the end of learning. A number of programs offer opportunities to continue your
education, gain certification or develop additional skills.

A distinctive and empowering education

Our students and scholars challenge themselves and each other in the rigors of the
mining field. Our unique education transforms individuals, preparing and empowering
them to make a positive impact on the mining world.

About us

Zimbabwe School of Mines is a dynamic regional institution that serves the mining industry in the SADC region by providing competency-based training for high calibre, hands on technicians.

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