Responsible for leadership and management of the Zimbabwe Scool of Mines strategy, image, public relations, social responsibility and more. Teams within the Corporate Division include: Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Affairs Executive, Public Relations Officer
Finance & Administration

Finance & Administration

Supports the mission of the school through sound fiscal stewardship and strategic management of our resources human, financial, and physical. The departments: Accounts, Administration, ICT, Stores, Works here are very committed to continued develpment and implementation of effective and efficient measures to serve the school and its surrounding community.


Responsible for determining based on the school's guidelines and recommendations, the entry requirements for each programme. It also oversees the offer and establishment of new programmes offered at the school. Its functions include: student enrolment, examinations and student evaluations, training. The departments within the division include: Admissions, Industrial Liaison, Exams, Mining, Metallurgy, Geology and Survey.

About us

Zimbabwe School of Mines is a dynamic regional institution that serves the mining industry in the SADC region by providing competency-based training for high calibre, hands on technicians.

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