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Higher National Diploma in Mine Geology

Geology is the study of the earth's crust and its rock formations, it entails classifying and mapping of the composition and distribution of mineral deposits that are contained in the earth's formations. This knowledge is applied in the in the mining industry to find additional mineral resources and to upgrade existing resources. This course uses the concepts and practices of applied geology as its central theme and brings a balanced and comprehensive treatment of the geological, geochemical, geophysical and economic elements of exploration and mining.
At Zimbabwe School of Mines, the practical applications of mine geology in industry are emphasised through field trips to the mines, guest speakers and attachment. The disciplines you may touch on include Mineralogy and Petrology, Mine Geology, Structural Geology Methods and Field mapping  Soils, Environment Geology and Hydrology among many courses.
Course duration : 1 Yr
Target Group : Mining and Non-Mining Personel
Level : Higher National Diploma

What can you do with your Mine Geology Higher National Diploma?

Graduates of the Geology department have a skill set as well as a knowledge base that is highly employable in geology-related careers, some of these skills include: the exploration and discovery of new mineral deposits, geological mapping using satellite imagery and aerial photographs, taking samples for analysis by the geochemist or analyst, assessing the ore’s body value and size, monitoring the grade of ore mined and predicting and locating new ore resources/reserves among many others.
The success of the department in attracting and training outstanding students can be measured by the distinguished careers of our recent graduates which include being a Geological Technician, Mine Geologist, GeoScientist and more.

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